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Monitoring Title Trends: How to Stay in the Know

Title reports reveal vital information for mortgage professionals. Not only can they reveal the property’s legal description, but they can also show the legal ownership, history of transfers, and any registrations or discharges of titles and liens.

For mortgage lenders, the registration or discharges of titles and liens are particularly important — especially when it comes to second charges on title. Knowing this information sooner can help mitigate risk, protect your portfolio, and act on opportunities before the competition.

Historically, searching titles in Ontario was time-consuming for mortgage professionals. Each search required a visit to the nearest Land Registry Office to view paper indexes, original documents, and plans. However, thanks to digital technology and the automation of paper-based records, this process has become much faster and has allowed us to glean much more insight into title trends.

Case in point — recently, the latest edition of the Teranet Market Insight Report focused directly on the importance of the data that is available on title reports.

Part 1 centred on second charges registered on title, including the dollar and volume amount of second charges that have been registered in Ontario since 2010. (Read the report here.)

This report gave tremendous insight into the importance of title reports.

For mortgage professionals, the ability to take this information and apply it to your own portfolio is vital.

When it comes to charges registered on title, there is a simple way to do that: PIN Monitoring.

PIN Monitoring is a solution from Purview that allows you to know when a new charge is registered, or an existing charge is changed. This real-time monitoring will alert you if a client registers a second charge on their property, for example. You can also track if an existing charge is changed to action opportunities faster.

This also allows you to monitor indicators, such as analyzing key instruments like Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) liens and more that could demonstrate risk or fraud flags (particularly important as March is Fraud Prevention Month in Canada).

While the title trends presented in the Teranet Market Insight Reports are a great way to stay in-the-know about what is happening industry-wide, solutions such as PIN Monitoring help translate those trends into your own portfolio.

Discover all the PIN Monitoring benefits and opportunities today. Download our comprehensive brochure:

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