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The Most Valuable Ways to Evaluate Your Portfolio Amid New Mortgage Underwriting Regulations [Free eBook]

2018 has seen a lot of big changes hit the Canadian lending market, especially for mortgage underwriters.

New regulations, such as B-20 rules, including stress testing, and IFRS-9, have hit the market.

Alongside those regulatory changes, we have also seen rising interest rates and a shifting supply and demand in the Canadian housing market.

How can you make sure that your portfolio remains compliant and mitigates risk, while also becoming more competitive?

We’re answering that question in our latest eBook, Evaluating Your Portfolio in an Uncertain Market: An eBook for Lenders of All Sizes.

Inside, you’ll find:

  • The latest Canadian housing trends and what they mean to you.
  • How to evaluate property value in a changing market.
  • Ways to maintain your data integrity.
  • Stress testing best practices.
  • And more.

This eBook is completely free.

Get your copy today. Just follow this link and fill out the form to start your download:

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