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Mortgage Marketing Personalization: Creating Connections That Delight

Marketing personalization is a hot button topic, and for good reason.

According to a new report from SmarterHQ, 72% of consumers say they now only engage with marketing messages that are personalized and tailored to their interests.

Ron Tite, the author of Think. Do. Say., gave the closing keynote at the October 2019 Teranet Market Insight Forum, where he spoke about personalization in marketing.

“Everybody’s got a pitch, and everybody’s got a promo,” Tite said. “So we have to elevate that, so you stand for something bigger.”

That comes from thinking about building brands for the long-term.

“The average Canadian consumer, they have no idea where to look and they have no idea who to trust,” Tite said. “If we believe in something more important and we actually do it, that’s something consumers want to hear.”

Standing for something more can also help diversify your portfolio, Tite said. When you do this, you are not defined by the thing that you sell.

Creating a Personalized Mortgage Marketing Strategy

Personalization can be more than customizing email newsletters with the recipient’s name. Think about what challenges your business is uniquely positioned to help with and how you can anticipate customer needs before they come to you.

Data is part of that — using data to understand the customer journey and the stage at which your client is at.

For example, take PIN Monitoring from Purview. This tool allows professionals to receive notifications for registration activity on properties in their securitized portfolio.

This can help mitigate risk and protect your portfolio, but it can do something else, too. It can give you direct insight into your client’s financial situation to help navigate changes.

For instance, if a property in your portfolio has a lien put against it, that would be of concern for your risk management — but it could also be an opportunity to reach out and check in with your client, to make sure everything is okay and see if you can help navigate this tricky situation.

Other strategies you might consider include:

  • Estimating equity when clients come to see you so you can help them plan for their financial future.
  • Instantly looking like an expert on any property by using a property details report.
  • Running automated value estimations (AVMs) so you and your client know whether a property is worth pursuing before getting a full appraisal done.
  • Using industry trends and insights to think about what issues your clients may be facing and looking for ways to help (for instance, if your client is a young family in a condo, they may be thinking about upsizing to a larger property but are not sure if they can afford it).
  • Launching innovative programs that address customer needs, as Haventree Bank recently did.
  • And so on…

Personalization often means thinking of the products as secondary — and looking for the personal connection first.

It can be more than a sales or marketing strategy — it can be about helping your clients live their best lives and achieve their goals. And data helps you achieve that.

One of the challenges with creating more personalization in your marketing is managing data security. However, your Purview tools already have that built in through Teranet’s commitment to accurate, timely, comprehensive data.

How do you embrace personalization in your mortgage business? Let us know on social media. Find Purview on FacebookTwitter, and LinkedIn.

While creating a personalized marketing strategy for your mortgage business can be a challenge, the tools you are already using can help you get started (or improve an existing plan) — such as your Purview solutions.

Learn more about Purview’s tools and how they can work for your business today. Call 1-855-787-8439 or visit

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