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Mortgage Marketing Ideas in a Changing Market

It’s no secret that technology is changing the world, and that includes your mortgage marketing. There are more opportunities than ever for advertising your mortgage business. Have you adapted?

Consider these mortgage marketing tools that have only come available with the tech revolution:

1.    Property Valuation Tools

Property valuation tools, can help you identify new opportunities by looking for properties where the owners owe less on their mortgages. You can also see properties that have increased in value since they were purchased. This can even be done at a macro level to make determinations about where to market and lend more aggressively. For example, you could use automated valuation model (AVM) data to assess entire neighbourhoods or cities to uncover trends that may cause you to decide to move around your marketing dollars.

2.    Mortgage Social Media Marketing and Digital Marketing

If you’re not on social media, you’re missing out a huge opportunity for mortgage marketing and mortgage leads. Sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and more can keep you in the know regarding emerging areas and new developments. You can also create a network of friends, followers, and clients to identify opportunities in your circle that your social network may not even be aware exist. In a business where networking is key, social media and digital marketing provides even more opportunity for connection. Visual content, such as images, infographics, and video, can also give your mortgage business a personality that potential clients see and find relatable, helping you standing out from the crowd.

3. Online Messaging for a Shifting Market

The world isn’t only changing with technology, but also with current real estate market conditions. There is a large market for developing products that cater to what is in the hearts and minds of people in current real estate market conditions. With rising interest rates and new mortgage rules, you could find today’s market shifting to a more frugal space where people are more concerned about locking in mortgage rates. In certain areas, families may potentially be thinking of not only locking in mortgage rates, but also refinancing debt. No matter what climate you find yourself in, today’s technology can help. You can find opportunities through tools such as equity estimates and communicate easily with past client or potential mortgage leads. For example, you can create custom email messaging and lists for past or potential clients highlighting products that may fit their current needs based on their purchase history.

Purview’s tools are a prime example of new technology that can significantly improve your mortgage marketing efforts. Our tools take out the guesswork, which means money spent in focused areas where you will see a better return on investment. Learn more about our features today by calling 1-855-787-8439.

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