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Mortgage Broker Resources: Online Information for Professionals

Mortgage broker resources make knowing what you’re doing, easier. Having the right online tools at your fingertips, and having access to the best resources and up-to-date information on the latest trends, are important for any career, but especially so in the mortgage industry.

To be able to help your clients find the best deal, and to be able to work successfully with mortgage lenders, it’s important to have the best mortgage broker resources readily accessible to make the best decisions. Here are several important online resources you should have bookmarked in your browser – from regulations to mortgage news.

Here are some quick links to legislation that you may want to reference from time to time:


Depending on where you work, you should know your jurisdiction’s mortgage and lending regulations. Every province has its own mortgage broker regulations. While many brokers may focus on key regions, you want to be knowledgeable if you pick up a deal elsewhere. Here is Ontario’s:

The Canadian Mortgage Brokers’ Association (CMBA) is an inter-jurisdictional association of provincial mortgage broker associations. The CMBA provides Canada’s provincial mortgage broker associations with a forum to work cooperatively, better share resources, programs and information. They also work to identify trends and develop solutions to common industry and regulatory issues. You can find out more about their activities at

For mortgage news and trends, here are three websites you can turn to for trusted information:

  1. Canadian Mortgage Trends – A key information source for mortgage professionals to stay on top of news and regulatory changes:
  2. ca – Dedicated to all the latest news, developments and changes that affect the industry, they also feature sales and marketing information. Online at
  3. The Globe and Mail – For national coverage, Canada’s original daily has extensive real estate coverage with sections on market trends, hot housing markets, mortgage rates, design, decor and more. Visit their real estate section at


While it pays to be professional, even pros like to have a laugh now and then. Check out The Lighter Side of Real Estate webpage for some great laughs and insight into the real estate biz at

A trusted online source for financial professionals is the Teranet-National Bank House Price Index. An independent representation of the rate of change of Canadian single-family home prices, HPI measurements are based on the property records of public land registries, where sale price is available. Tried, tested and true, their methodology is used by many real estate and financial professionals. Plus, recent changes to the application make accessing the information you need that much easier. Check out the new website at

Finally, one of the best mortgage broker resources online is Purview. Visit today to learn how our suite of online tools and resources can help your business.

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