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How to Find a Good Mortgage Broker – Be the Broker Homebuyers Need

As you’re likely well aware, homebuyers are always asking how to find a good mortgage broker. And lenders are always looking for a good mortgage broker who can refer applications that are more likely to close.

While it’s true some business conducted in the mortgage industry is through referrals only – agents refer clients to mortgage brokers, and lenders work with mortgage brokers they trust to deliver solid referrals – you still need to add marketing to your mix. It’s all about positioning yourself in your marketing efforts as the most knowledgeable broker around.

If you want to build your business and increase your bottom line, you need to market your services effectively to demonstrate that you have experience finding and negotiating the best rates possible. If clients are asking how to find a good mortgage broker, do you know how to position yourself as that broker?

It’s easy to market yourself as the best in finding deals for homebuyers with access to the right land and property information, along with your ability to leverage existing lender relationships to find great deals. To build good relationships with lenders, you have to send them more applications that have a chance of being approved – ones you have thoroughly vetted. In order to do that, it helps to have the same access to the information lenders are using.

It’s a cyclical effort. The better you are at confirming and processing applications with the latest property information to mitigate risk, the better your relationship with your lenders becomes, which results in a marketable reputation as a trusted mortgage advisor you can use to promote your services to new clients.

Here are three tips to maximize your marketing efforts without needless expense:

  • Leverage social media to demonstrate your mortgage expertise, connect with other businesses, build brand awareness, answer questions and more. Make the most of your time with automated social media scheduling programs.
  • Ask previous clients for a referral through an online survey to use in future marketing efforts. Plus, with the right questions, you can get useful feedback to help improve your services.
  • With all the access you have to property reports, neighbourhood surveys and real estate trends, consider promoting a free value offer, such as a handout on the different mortgage types, a neighbourhood comparison report, free consultation, etc.


In order to attract clients to grow your business, you have to know what clients are looking for when it comes to mortgages. By knowing upfront what clients are looking for when seeking mortgage broker services, you can more effectively target your efforts. The more targeted your messaging, the more effective your marketing will be.

According to the 2017 Mortgage Consumer Survey released by the Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC), these are the top four topics homebuyers are interested in when seeking the help of a mortgage broker:

  1. Interest rates
  2. Types of mortgages
  3. Financial difficulty strategies
  4. Tools to manage a mortgage


By familiarizing yourself with what your clients are looking for in a mortgage broker, you will be in a better position to help them and add value to their home buying experience. Once you’ve brought in a new client, you want to be able to leverage your access to land and property information to ensure the transaction is risk-free and has a good chance of being approved by a lender.

With the right tools, you can process applications faster while mitigating risk. You can run a report and determine who the homeowner is, the sales history on the home, mortgages registered against title and more. This gives you the opportunity to estimate equity and look for refinance opportunities. Plus, the right tool will give you access to reams of land and property information you can use to promote your expertise and know-how.

Purview is that tool.

For more information about how you can use Purview to help market your business to clients and show them how to find a good mortgage broker, please visit


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