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In today’s lending environment, visibility into market share and competitive performance is key. Historically, this data has been difficult to aggregate and expensive to analyze.  By using the existing market data in the Ontario land registry, Teranet offers mortgage lenders and financial professionals a strategic analytics tool that will provide insights into performance against the overall market. LendView™ offers users dashboard views of unique data across Ontario via multiple geographic reporting areas.

The LendView™ Advantage

Our data allows lenders the ability to remove guesswork when it comes to understanding market share and competitive performance.

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Market Insights

Assess competitive market data: Access a comprehensive and up-to-date view of each lender’s market position in the Ontario mortgage marketplace.

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Portfolio Health

Analyze portfolio health: Review market data against portfolio performance to assess health and formulate stronger business strategies.

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Client Engagement

Enhance customer acquisition strategies: Analyze key markets for growth and adjust strategies for customer segmentation and engagement.

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Risk Management

Enhance business rules: Create or modify rules regarding risk tolerance thresholds and acquisition of new customers within a specific market segment.

LendView™ Features

Visual Dashboard: LendView™ enables internal teams to derive powerful insights through rich and intuitive data visualizations.

Secure and Reliable: LendView™ is only accessible by authorized users via secure online web access with high availability. All customer profiles and data are secure and completely separated.

Convenient Access: LendView™ can be easily accessed anywhere through an online browser.

Scalable Solution: LendView™ presents data in various levels of detail and dimension to support multiple roles and functions of an organization.


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LendView™ Reports

  • Forward Sortation Area (FSA) – A mid-range report based on the first three numbers and letters of an area’s postal code. This view gives you access to the data of approximately 10,000 homes.
  • Municipality – A macro view based on the geographic municipal boundaries. This view gives you access to the data of more than 400 municipalities.
  • Land Registry Office (LRO) – A macro view based on the geographic county boundaries. This view gives you access to the data of Ontario’s 54 Land Registry Offices.
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LendView™ Dashboards

  • Geographic distribution of mortgage registrations
  • Map view of mortgage registrations
  • Lender and municipalities share across Ontario
  • Monthly mortgage registrations
  • Monthly registration history
  • Average mortgage size
  • Monthly discharges
  • Lender side-by-side comparison
  • Lender segment
  • Distribution of mortgage size
  • And more!  LendView™ also offers customizes packages and services based on your unique needs.

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Our Commitment to Data

Accuracy, Completeness, Coverage, Timeliness

The foundation for creating value is our data. Our vision is to be the most trusted source of real estate market insights, based on the highest quality, most comprehensive dataset in Canada. Our focus on data accuracy, completeness, coverage, and timeliness ensures the highest quality dataset for land information is available to our customers and partners.

From individual property details to extensive neighborhood, provincial, and national perspectives, our customers benefit from greater insight and analytics into the Canadian housing and mortgage market.

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